Need to start somewhere…

Okay, so I’d set a date to start my blog, and not surprisingly to anyone that knows me, I’ve come up empty (sort of). But not wanting to break a commitment to myself, please bear with me as a lay some groundwork.

As I begin my journey into the vast unknown of the blogoshere, on a day with with no deep insights to share, it occurred to me that some focus was in order. And perhaps a reminder to myself to not get caught up in frenzied hyperbole that seems to dominate so much everywhere these days. I want to share my ideas and opinions – not bludgeon anyone with them. And I’d like anyone reading to share theirs, but without the insults and hostility that pervades much of the internet these days.

My commitment to myself, and to my readers, is to keep the rules contained in the meme below always in mind. I’m human, and I will almost certainly slip occasionally, and when I do accept my advance apologies & please call me out on it. My hope is that anyone reading these posts will do the same.



Please share your thoughts

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