Blogging 101 – Why AM I here?

Ahh – such a really good question, and one that I only had a weak grasp of when I set out to write a blog. In the spirit of information sharing, and in order to complete a Blogging 101 assignment, I shall try to pin it down.

I love to write as a hobby, mostly fiction, but all writing is a joy. I see a blog as way to hone my writing skills, and to, hopefully expose, more people to my writing. More exposure means that I can receive feedback from more varied sources.

I also have, sometimes strong, opinions on many different subjects, and it’s certainly more than Facebook, or ‘Letters to the Editior’ can, or should, contend with. I was also cursed with an analytic mind that looks at things from different viewpoints, and sometimes I need more input to fully form my opinion. It’s my hope that a blog will give me the ability to share those convictions, points of uncertainty, and other bits and pieces running around in my head, with others. And that they will feel comfortable sharing their own views with me. We can only grow by taking ourselves out of our bubbles and honestly listening to what others are saying. No, I won’t always change my mind when I look at things from another angle, but sometimes I do, if new information is available, or if the argument is compelling enough.

Some posts may be more journal-like, or may just be quotes or memes that appealed to me that day, that I felt were thought provoking, or otherwise worth sharing.

My goal is to interest you enough of the time that you’ll feel comfortable sharing your own thoughts on the posts, and that it will be engaging enough to keep you coming back to read more.


One thought on “Blogging 101 – Why AM I here?”

  1. OMG! I totally resonate with your introduction 🙂 I’m in Blogging 101 too, and you may be interested in my last blog post, about who is my dream reader:

    Sharing viewpoints, and looking at things from different angles is something I enjoy also. Your analytic mind is probably more of a blessing than curse, but I’m guessing you meant that in a humorous way! Look forward to reading more.


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