Blogging 101 – Dream Reader

I’m very behind on my Blogging 101 assignments, so I’ve decided to use the weekend (& maybe this week’s scheduled post) to play catch-up.

I liked the sound of this assignment, and yet, I find myself a bit lost – do I want to try to write a brilliant post to reach out to my dream reader? Do I want to devote a post describing my dream reader? Do I even have a dream reader?

Well, no – I don’t have dream reader defined, and therein lies my lack of focus. So perhaps this post needs to be a description.

My dream reader, I assume, would need to ‘get’ me – my sense of humor is a bit dry & my daughter thinks I use too many asides. This is likely because one thought always leads to another – and it should. So, then, my dream reader is probably me – with my family a close second. Because they are used to me. But I’d like to think that I can engage others as well. I certainly hope that I can – it’s why I’m here.

My primary goal is to share my thoughts, and have others share theirs, on things that I feel the urge to write about. I’ve been told, more than once, that not everyone thinks the same way that I do – not what I think but how. That’s probably true for most of us – we are all different people, and are wired differently. But, then, is my dream reader someone who thinks the same way I do, even if their conclusions are different? Or is it anyone who is willing to take the time to think a topic through, and yes, research a bit if the topic warrants it, so that a dialogue can be opened? Or is it really everyone – because after all, we all have something to say about most subjects. And I genuinely do want to understand the whys & hows when we don’t agree.

My first ever blog post – not quite 3 weeks ago – may have inadvertently described my dream reader by laying the groundwork for my future posts. I have no interest in ‘political correctness’, but I also have no real tolerance for the hostility & hyperbole that seems to be so common in these devisive days – so I guess, then, that my dream reader is someone who enjoys the posts, even when they don’t agree with them, and is willing to return, because there will probably be things that we do agree on. And who is willing to share their own thoughts logically, without personal attacks, or overblown rhetoric.

And in that spirit, I share again ‘The 10 Commandments of Logic’



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