Blogging 201 – Time to set some goals

Sometimes I wonder about myself. I signed up for Blogging 201 knowing that I have very little free time right now, and am falling behind with my blog.

Much more to do at work these days, NAMWRIMO starting in another week, but maybe Blogging 201 will give me the push I need to focus?

The assignment was to think about what I wanted to accomplish with my blog, and then set 3 goals.

Okay – mainly I want to be able to lay out and work through my thoughts, and engage people who would like to do the same. Without the hyperbole, hostility, and rhetoric. I would also like to publish my fiction someday, and having a blog gives me the opportunity to hone my writing skills & yes, maybe find an audience.

At this point, my goals are simple:

1) Get consistent by posting weekly in November (NANOWRIMO takes a lot of time), and at least 3 times per week beginning in December. I’d like to get to the point where I post something every day, but that’s a longer term goal – perhaps for early next year.

2) Spend at least 30 minutes every day looking at posts from the blogs that I follow, and commenting more often.

3) Spend at least 30 minutes each week looking at posts from my follower’s blogs, and commenting when appropriate.


Please share your thoughts

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