Forever wheat-less?

Oh what is a whole grain loving soul to do? After 6 months of keeping a food diary, one thing became very clear: I had some sort of symptoms after most meals every day. Whether a digestive issue, nasal congestion and sneezing, or itching tongue (or face) it was always present. And, deeply in denial, I looked at minimizing ingredients (& of course no processed food – that’s been out for years), checking spices, reducing gluten products. Finally, after a 10 minute bout of sneezing after eating a home-baked cookie, I gave up. I decided to try eliminating wheat (not all gluten products – just the wheat) for two weeks with plan of reintroducing it afterwards to see if the symptoms returned.

Today was the day I had my epiphany – wheat and I are through. I feel so much better that there’s no point pretending. For most of my life I’d thought that eggs gave me heartburn – I discovered over the past 10 days that they don’t. Not even when cooked with peppers and onions. Not even a little bit.

So the substitution journey begins – I’m on a quest to find a decent rye bread recipe that does not use wheat & that ideally can be made in my bread machine. I already know that Barilla makes a decent gluten-free pasta, but most of the others that I’ve tried are awful. Panera? Well, they still have very good salads – just need to skip the croutons.

It won’t be a picnic, and I may not be 100% successful, but as long as I stay close to the path, I’ll be healthier and happier.

Except that eliminating wheat also made it obvious that my problems with dairy aren’t limited to lactose intolerance (gelato and yogurt consistently cause congestion). So dairy will be the next to go, but I’m not entirely ready yet. I have to adjust to the wheat-less life first. On the bright side, other than daily yogurt, occasional gelato, and small amount of lactose free skim milk in my tea, I’ve already switched to coconut & almond milks for most other uses. So maybe it won’t be too difficult – except for dessert?

If anyone has recipe ideas or suggestions, especially for wheat-less bread, please share them!


3 thoughts on “Forever wheat-less?”

  1. I’m with you on both the wheat and dairy. I started cutting out wheat about two years ago and my digestion has improved significantly. I also just feel so much healthier and less bloated. Power to you!!!! Rice has become my savior.

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  2. Thanks for the tip. Yeah the gluten free craze is definitely a bonus for me – but i hate prepared stuff & prefer minimal ingredients – so it’s still a bit of a challenge


  3. Oh bleck. I’m not usually the Pollyanna type but one thing that is in your favor is that people are on an anti-gluten kick whether they need to be or not. It’s currently A Big Thing, and so there is a LOT more information and products out there for you.

    One place to start out is, believe it or not, King Arthur Flour. I have never had a single bad recipe from them and they do have a gluten-free section.

    I’m hanging out at baking sites these days and will keep an eye out for rye.

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