Blogging 201: It’s a wrap – ALREADY??

I managed to catch up today on the last 4 Blogging 201 assignments, and found that there was little for me to do – except to look for a blogging buddy. So I’ve posted on the Commons, and am hoping for the best. This seems like a terrific idea to me – and it would be even more interesting if the blogging buddy and I did not always agree. That would be keeping with the spirit of the blog that I’d envisioned.

My blog is too new for many of the assignments over the past two weeks – archiving, polling, and surveys are all great ideas, but… At only 2 months into my blog, with only 11 posts, there is little to do there at this point.

Social media salesmanship is not for me. I do already publicize my posts on Facebook, and to my very few Twitter followers, but I’m an introvert, and not very inclined to do much more selling than that – at least not yet. Perhaps once the blog is really established, and has found a rhythm, then it will seem worthwhile but not now. Even though most of my family and friends know me well enough to not be surprised by anything I might post, they may not necessarily want to have it emphasized any more than it already is. I leave it in their hands to see if they’d like to read it or not.

The goal setting was the most valuable assignment. It focused me much more than any of the Blogging 101 assignments had. I think I set reasonable goals for my self, and once NaNoWriMo finishes up in 28 more days, I’ll be able to devote more energy, and time, to keeping my blog on track – and perhaps even helping it grow. In the meantime, I am committed to my goal of posting at least once per week during this month. That I’m sure I can manage, even if work derails my noveling, as it has in the past.

And so, being very far under my NaNo word count goal for the weekend (actually at only 10% of my goal), I say goodbye to Blogging 201 with every intention of returning to some of the assignments that I just wasn’t ready for, and taking away what I could from all of the assignments.

It’s been fun, and I found a couple of great blogs to add to my ‘follow’ list.


4 thoughts on “Blogging 201: It’s a wrap – ALREADY??”

  1. I liked 201 very much and started seeing some results – I agree that it was a crash course that went by way too quick- I look forward to going back and using more of it. I think it all works if we give it a chance.

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  2. Never say never, but I’m with you – it’s hard to imagine ever doing more with Facebook & Twitter. I hope to get more out of the stats once I get more consistent in my posts, but at this point, even they weren’t too much help. But Blogging 101 & 201 both brought me more followers, and that is a good thing – even for an introvert 🙂

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  3. That’s the way I did 201. I skimmed it. I knew from the initial description that most of the assignments would not be applicable for my blog. The thing I got the most use out of is looking at the stats differently. Heh…but every time I think I spot a trend, something knocks it out. Like you I’ve saved the assignments for future review but don’t think I’ll ever see a need for networking with Facebook and Twitter, etc. (Never say never.)


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