Okay, now that we’ve caught up on our awards…

I decided to work like crazy to do my award posts yesterday, so that I would have time for a ‘real’ rambling post today – pretty much the first one since mid-December.

The awards are great, and motivating, but they do take a great deal of energy. And I really need to start following new blogs – I love the ones I follow, but I suspect they may be tired of getting multiple awards from me back-to-back. 🙂

And so – on to life, the universe, and everything…

Somehow, yesterday, we succeeded in submitting my husband’s Social Security application (apparently there is more to life than my blog and my job) – so another step has been taken in our slow transition to retirement.

“Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

— Lao Tzu

Those very wise words, which are always appropriate as we journey through life, seem to resonate a bit more for me as we continue to work out the long-range logistics of actually retiring.

The broad stroke plan involves cleaning out years of accumulated stuff, getting the house ready to sell, and then selling the house. There’s some stuff going on in the middle, and what happens after we sell the house depends on a few other things. Eventually we’ll move. Most likely out-of-state. Probably to the southwest. Maybe I’ll fully retire then, maybe not – it depends on timing. And where we move to partially depends on whether or not I expect to be working when we get there. My crystal ball hasn’t worked properly in years, so, although we know where we want to ultimately live, the exact details around when are murky.

First we need to focus on getting ourselves adjusted to the idea that one of us will soon be ‘retired’ – and all that entails – and, simultaneously, we need to keep going with our mission to downsize. Once the clutter and stored stuff is gone, it will be much easier to see what work we have/want to do in order to get the house ready to sell.

But first the STUFF – the DVDs are easy – the kids are selling them, and whatever doesn’t sell, will be donated. Books? We donated a large number already, but we have an astonishing number, and they have to be parsed out slowly. Some fiction was easy to let go, some will not go until the final pass. Textbooks? It’s been a very long time & I really should just recycle those – but… A very large collection of books on religion and philosophy? Those will almost certainly be with us until the final purge – if they don’t find a way to come with us. Cookbooks? Can’t part with those yet, either, but in truth what isn’t in my head can be looked up online. Easily 2 or 3 thousand books, most with some sort of meaning – not so easily purged. If not for technology, I would have considered opening a book exchange when I retired (and yes, I have both Nook & Kindle, so I also support the technology – in addition to my local bookstores). Old junk (& that may be kind) that belonged to my mother – she passed away over eleven years ago, but the basement is musty and aggravates my allergies. There is actually a box on the top shelf of our bedroom closet that moved with us from our old house 22 years ago – never opened, never unpacked. Terrifying. Should probably just toss it unopened – but kind of curious, too.

Doing all of this should take a couple of years. And will hopefully provide more topics to blog about.


6 thoughts on “Okay, now that we’ve caught up on our awards…”

  1. Besides the financial, so much of who we are is connected to what we do. When we no longer do that we need to reorient ourselves. It’s an adventure & a scary one at that. I still have a few years to go.


  2. yes – fortunately, I’ve got a few more years until I can really afford to retire (& get benefits). But my husband is eligible, and it seemed best for him to retire now. Planning for it over the past couple of years has been fun, but the magnitude of the change is only slowly starting to sink in now.


  3. That sounds…. daunting to say the least. Planning for retirement is one thing but actually retiring is another, such a huge transition from one part of life to another.


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