Tuesday’s Quotes #9

In honor of the blizzard that has overtaken the Northeastern US, truer words were never spoken:

“A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.”

— Carl Reiner

I know that some of you love snow – but I don’t, and yet I’ve lived my life in the Northeast, an area not generally known for warm winters (yet). There is something spectacular about a blizzard, though, in the same way that I find hurricanes fascinating. But I’d prefer to be fascinated by weather phenomenon from a distance.

The photo above is looking out through the sliding glass doors this past Saturday morning, after that snowfall had mostly stopped.

I’m scheduling this to post just in case I have any storm-related issues. Right now (late Monday afternoon), it’s just snowing normally (part of a different weather system), so no big deal. The fun should start tonight.

Hopefully by Wednesday life will be completely back to normal.

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