Sunday, Sunday…

After spending the last couple of weeks immersed in all things compassion, I have to confess that I’m still winding down – and still reading all of the great posts that others wrote for the 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion initiative, so I’m breaking last week’s promise & not quite jumping back into my normal Sunday opinion/commentary mode just yet. I do encourage anyone who might be interested to check out the compassion posts – many (possibly most) have used the #1000Speak tag here on WP, and also use that hashtag on Twitter. The link-up containing all of the linked posts is here – I think anyone can access it to read/share the posts that have been linked, but it is closed to new links. There are some wonderful posts out there.

In other news, my husband will begin receiving his Social Security retirement benefits in a couple of weeks, and we’ve now started the process of applying for his pension, and figuring out where to rollover his 401k. It still has a bit of a surreal quality about it, this retirement thing. Right now it just feels like he’s on vacation (& I’m not). If only the snow would clear and the temperatures would venture above freezing for longer than half a day, we might actually be able to start doing some projects around the house.

I apologize to my followers if I have haven’t been all that quick to respond to comments & posts. I’ve also been very behind on my reading, but I should be back to normal this week. Whatever the hell that actually is. 🙂

Many newsworthy things have happened while I’ve been avoiding writing about them, but at least things are no worse than they were before I decided to clear my head. Even though I’m still not writing about current events, I did want to remind everyone that the FCC vote on Net Neutrality is scheduled for Feb 26, that Rudy Giuliani is still an idiot, and that absolutely nothing that needs to be addressed will actually be addressed until big money comes out of the political process.

And apropos of nothing, I’m closing with an Arthur Conan Doyle quote that got stuck in my head recently:

“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.”


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