Welcoming spring with more snow?

Tomorrow is the first day of spring – a season that those of us in the Northeastern United States are surely longing for in earnest this year (although the occasional partial road collapse is a bit disconcerting).

And what, pray tell, does Mother Nature have in store for us on the 2015 Vernal Equinox? Well, if you live even remotely near me, a few more inches of snow to cover those patches that no longer have any left. This is the winter that wouldn’t die. But, I’m sure that in a few short months we can all start complaining about how hot and humid it is because that sums up the weather around here for most of the year – damp. Whether hot or cold, damp is the prevailing theme.

The other thing the equinox brings with it this year, for those of you fortunate enough to be anywhere along the path, is a total eclipse of the sun. Scary thing to behold – especially in the days before the movement of the earth and the sun were understood.

Zeus, the father of the
Olympic Gods, turned
mid-day into night, hiding the light
of the dazzling Sun;
and sore fear came upon men.

Archilochus (c680-c640 BC)


4 thoughts on “Welcoming spring with more snow?”

  1. oh my – well at least you saw it on the internet πŸ™‚
    I saw some not very impressive photos from somewhere in the south of England that another blogger had posted, so perhaps you didn’t miss too much. Apparently there was too much cloud cover


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