Commuting thoughts

We Didn’t Start the Fire. Nope. But we’re still trying to put it out. But we can’t expect to – it’s been burning much longer than us baby-boomers have been around, and it will almost certainly keep burning long after we’re gone.

There is just so much boomer history crammed into this song. Heard it on my drive into work this morning & it stuck in my head most of the day. I had other rambling thoughts about time vs distance, and the high-speed/heavy-traffic approach to driving in the megalopolis that is the Boston to DC corridor. And how, or if, that played into other differences between people born and raised in the northeastern US, and those born and raised in other parts of the country. And why is it that traffic always flows fine at these speeds, except when some poor soul from out of the area thinks speed limits have meaning.

In short, my usual semi-coherent thoughts while driving.


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