Of Mice & Men, awards, & The Donald, too

“The best-laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men,
Gang aft agley,
An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
For promis’d joy!”

— Robert Burns, “To a Mouse”


This week is certainly not fitting itself well into my plans. My intent for today was to post something light(er) while I worked on finishing tomorrow’s compassion post. The world simply will not cooperate with me.

Between the awesome comedic value of Donald Trump’s presidential bid announcement, some disturbing local regional news, and the horrifying church shooting in Charleston, SC, I’m finding it harder to focus – especially when it comes to compassion. So I’ve shifted gears a bit for the next few days worth of posts.

My compassion post this month will, for better or worse, be more news driven, and I’ll save the post that was intended for this month for September.

On the positive side, I was surprised to discover today that 4 year old adult has very kindly nominated me for my second Liebster Award. I will happily use my Sunday post to accept the award. 🙂

And today? Well, today there’s still Donald Trump. His candidacy is every comedian’s dream. And it would be a reasonable person’s nightmare if he had any real chance of winning. But he doesn’t, so we can all sit back, for at least the next few weeks, while Trump spouts nonsense, fights with the media for not taking him seriously as a candidate, and generally manages to keep his name in the news. His candidacy announcement, which can be seen here in all its glory, was definitely one for the history books. Even for a man so self-obsessed, and insecure, that he puts his name on everything, it was breathtaking in scope. All of Sarah Palin’s ignorant insanity, but without the folksy appeal that keeps her in the news. Perhaps they should consider running together as independents? His arrogant hostility plus her charming incoherence? A comedy dream team, but with the scary potential to get a decent number of votes. No. Better to keep them separately pissing people off.

And it was kind of fun listening to him talk about how rich he is by way of justifying his candidacy.

But seriously – Trump is an ass. He has been as ass as long as he’s been speaking. Most of us know his rags to riches “Art of the Deal” story – how he parlayed a multi-million dollar inheritance into over a billion. Those of us that live in the New York metro area, have been hearing from or about him for the past 30 years. And seeing his name on an array of buildings, casinos, billboards, and wherever else he could put it. We been unable to completely escape his marriages, divorces,  affairs, and now, his children. He may be good at running businesses – and I have my doubts about that given his multiple Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings – but he really does seem to suck at being a decent human being. Besides informing us how rich he is, and how many properties bear his name, he also managed to dismiss most Mexican immigrants as criminals (“but some, I assume, are good people”), muddle many facts, and inform us that he has good diplomatic potential because he beats China “all the time”. And he may have paid background actors $50 each to wear t-shirts and cheer. And for reasons that can only be clear to Mr. Trump, he chose Neil Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World” as the event’s theme song. Let’s be clear, Neil Young is definitely not Trump material, and the song in question was a slam at the first President Bush (father of George W & Jeb). Argh.

My guess is that he is running for office strictly for the publicity, and that there is nothing remotely serious about his candidacy. And if I’m wrong, well, at least I know he really can’t pull off a win – because even in a Republican presidential pool full of nonviable candidates, he manages to land at the bottom.

Photo courtesy of National Geographic, Photographed by Tom Samuelson.


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