Tuesday’s Quotes #40 – reflections on my first year of blogging

“I’ll walk where my own nature would be leading: It vexes me to choose another guide.”

–Emily Brontë

It’s very hard for me to believe, but this blog is celebrating its first birthday! It was September 1, 2014 when I published my first post. It wasn’t particularly interesting or profound, but there it was – written & sent out into the ether for someone to see. Of course, the initial someone was my elder daughter, who said she could hear my voice in her head while she was reading and found it disconcerting. For my part – that was great news. I’d quite literally found my voice! Which is good – it’s much easier for me to write that way.

In that spirit, I’ve decided to use the same quote today that I used for my own birthday.

I’ve learned many things over the past year, some I’ve chosen to disregard, others I’ve incorporated. I’ve gained a surprising number of followers – and an even more surprising number that I interact with regularly. I’ve most likely lost a few, too, but it would be strange if I didn’t. I didn’t set out expecting to build a huge following, and to me, my current number is pretty huge considering the fact that my blog is really all about me – Time for my Thoughts pretty much spells it out. I admittedly do like to see the numbers rise, and am now a bit disappointed on a day that has no views – especially now that most days seem to have at least a couple, but it’s okay. It doesn’t help view counts that I don’t publish every day, and I don’t simply because I don’t want to make the time – I have a fairly demanding job, a retired spouse, a teenager still at home, other projects, and a need to make sure that whatever I’m writing is accurate (poorly proofread, perhaps, but accurate). My family copes well with my assorted writing endeavors, but it’s nice to have some family time sometimes, too. And some downtime for me occasionally is also nice.

The future looks like it will maintain the status quo. My current posting schedule is working for me most weeks, so I’ll stick with it for the time being. Sometimes it isn’t easy to stick to a schedule, but out of all that I learned in Blogging U, I think it may be the most important. I’ve come to realize that nonfiction works best for me in a blog, so I’ll continue to trudge down that path. Actually, I’ve discovered that I enjoy it so much that I may do more of it in my non-blogging writing life. I’m a poor planner, and am not likely to change, so most things that I write will continue to be written on the fly. I plan to continue with the 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion posts each month – I think it’s a wonderful idea, and pushing myself to focus on compassion once a month helps me stay balanced during the rest of the month. The posting dates for those pieces will vary a bit now that the 20th of the month is no longer cast in stone – but I’ll keep it close to the 20th just to make sure that I really get the posts written (deadlines: sometimes I really need them). I’m still wary of social networking. My twitter feed is almost exclusively for Time for my Thoughts, but my only Facebook account is my personal one – and one of the reasons I started the blog was to be able to expand on my views somewhere not in Facebook. If I ever become a power blogger, I’ll reconsider Facebook. Oh & beginning next week, I’ll date, rather than number, my Tuesday’s Quotes – numbering confuses me and 40 seems like a good place to stop.

Thank you for reading and, especially, for  continuing to share your thoughts with me.


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