Lookin’ out my back door

“I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree. ”

— Joyce Kilmer “Trees

Another week on the way out, another weekend on the way in. Although I’m still trying to lean toward the compassionate and keep the other noises to a minimum. I would be remiss if I said nothing at all about this week’s Democratic Party debate. Once again, not that much of a debate, but with only 5 participants, it came closer. And it certainly was more focused on issues than personality. So much so that it received minimal coverage from the press except to pronounce Hilary the winner – based on little, and to leave the implication that Bernie was supportive of Hilary when he said he was tired of hearing about her emails. But who can fault the media for minimizing his blasting of the media for ignoring other issues to focus on that one. I’ll probably have more to say on the subject on Sunday.

But for now, the weekend – including a NoNaWriMo planning session – awaits.

Photo taken 10/16/2015, looking out at the backyard treeline from the garage – cold front coming through.


One thought on “Lookin’ out my back door”

  1. I am so glad I don’t live in America during these elections. Don’t know if they’re so all-encompassing when you’re there but I almost find the whole thing terrifying with this huge juggernaut . Actually, make that multiple juggernauts! I am a bit politically motivated but it just seems like too much. xx Rowena


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