Politics, politics…

“The essence of oligarchical rule is not father-to-son inheritance, but the persistence of a certain world-view and a certain way of life … A ruling group is a ruling group so long as it can nominate its successors … Who wields power is not important, provided that the hierarchical structure remains always the same.”

― George Orwell

This has been a strange week or two politically – what with the widely incoherent Sarah Palin making an early endorsement of neo-fascist Donald Trump in his bid for the GOP presidential nomination. It’s easy to assume that he promised her a cabinet position – probably her favorite one – Secretary of Energy (but I never could figure that out since she’s also said she wants that one abolished). Plus Ted Cruz’s bizarre statement “I’m a Christian first, and American second”, and the publication Dark Money by Jane Mayer, which takes a look back at the rise of the Koch family, and how they grew their wealth. A book that is long overdue in my opinion, since I have spent years wondering why no one ever seemed to spend much time on the Koch brothers’ past, and that of their father. But perhaps strangest of all, a couple of weeks after launching a survey, it seems that Michael Bloomberg is seriously looking into the possibility of an independent run for president. He despises Donald Trump, and as a good capitalist, he’s concerned about Sanders getting the nomination.

Now, many of you will be surprised by this, given that I think getting money out of politics has to be accomplished or nothing else ever will, but I would seriously consider voting for Bloomberg if he were to run. Although socially progressive. I’m also part of the disaffected center. A rapidly dying group, but we are still out there. Common sense would seem to indicate that Bloomberg will only run if he thinks that Sanders will be the Democratic Party’s nominee.

And I can appreciate that. I love Bernie, agree with 90% of what he believes, but I don’t really think that he can win in the general election. And if by some miracle, he did win, I believe that we will have at least another 4 years of hate spewed from the more extreme elements of the Republican Party, and a Congress that will continue to do nothing. And to be totally honest, although I think Hillary Clinton is perfectly capable of being the president (& her 11 hours worth of testimony in the Benghazi hearing was an example of how to act presidential), she is way too divisive, and has too many years of hostility coming from the extreme right to function as a decent president. And she is very much a political creature – shifting views with the tides. To be completely honest, I never much cared for her, not even back when her husband first ran for president – I admired her accomplishments, but even then I thought she was too political (and that her political aspirations were the reason she stayed with her philandering husband).

And the Republicans have no one. Absolutely no one. They are all too busy proving how far to the extreme right they are – and then occasionally trying to sound reasonable. You might almost have something there if you could cherry pick pieces of Paul, Kasich, Bush and Rubio into a cohesive whole – but that’s not possible, and individually, they all pretty much suck.

So, yes, I could cope with Bloomberg. He’s far richer than Trump, which is a blessing and a curse. The curse is obvious – why on earth do we want someone worth upwards of 30 billion dollars to run for office? But Bloomberg is not as prone as Trump to flaunt the fact that he’s exceedingly wealthy, and that level of wealth actually makes him immune to pressure from wealthy donors. He’s socially progressive, and although I disagree with him on quite a few things, there’s less to disagree with than there is with the Republicans. And he’s conservative enough that he might actually be able to get something accomplished while in the White House.

Weird what starts to look like compromise when you stare at it long enough…



3 thoughts on “Politics, politics…”

  1. The British press and our coverage so far is all Trump and would we ban him for inciting religious hate. Nothing much about the other candidates beyond the odd barbed and bitchy comment aimed at Hilary. So thanks for these insights. I’ll see what I can find about Sanders and Bloomberg’s political aspirations.

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