Lost in the caverns of my mind…

So much to write about this week, but so little time. Still recovering from my vacation & catching up on schoolwork, work work, and life in general, so I’m keeping today’s post suitably short – I’m sure I’ll make up for the lack later on…

In the meantime – have fun pondering these words from the always challenging philosopher – Martin Heidegger in The Question Concerning Technology and Other Essays

“Meanwhile man, precisely as the one so threatened, exalts himself to the posture of lord of the earth. In this way the impression comes to prevail that everything man encounters exists only insofar as it is his construct. This illusion gives rise in turn to one final delusion: It seems as though man everywhere and always encounters only himself… In truth, however, precisely nowhere does man today any longer encounter himself, i.e. his essence. Man stands so decisively in attendance on the challenging-forth of Enframing that he does not apprehend Enframing as a claim, that he fails to see himself as the one spoken to, and hence also fails in every way to hear in what respect he exists, from out of his essence, in the realm of an exhortation or address, and thus can never encounter only himself.”

Somehow this seems pertinent to me these days.

Photo taken in Luray Caverns about 10 years ago.




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