Another weekend winding down…

…another week starting up.

For those of you interested in my weather woes, the photo was taken this morning over my deck. The couple of inches of snow wasn’t too bad, but the wind was. Fortunately, that front has moved on, the snow has mostly melted and blown away, and more is on the way. It looks like the entire week will be unseasonably cold and occasionally snowy. And, yeah, it really is April. Life in the northeastern US is an endless challenge.

Now that I’m in school on alternating weekends, my blogging is suffering from a bit more neglect, but I’m doing what I can to keep it going. On schedule. But this is another weekend where I’m short of deep insights. Or at least the time to write them down. This coming week already looks better, so I should be catching up later in the week. And for now, I’ll keep to the three day plus schedule that I’ve had for the past year – but some posts may definitely be short.

And hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have caught up with some long overdue award posts. And in the meantime, we can all ponder the wisdom of the 20th President of the United States on the subject of the value of leisure time. Garfield certainly never had enough, and was assassinated less that 6 months into his term, and although not quite 50 years old, he’d already spent nearly 20 years in Congress.

“It has occurred to me that the thing you have, that all men have enough of, is perhaps the thing that you care for the best, and that is your leisure – the leisure you have to think; the leisure you have to be let alone; the leisure you have to throw the plummet into your mind, and sound the depth and dive for things below.”


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