Tuesday’s Quotes – May 10, 2016

“And though nostalgia is fine, I respectfully decline
To spend my future living in the past”

— Don Henley, No Thank You

Don Henley is often a good source for pointed lyrics – although the music for this song is disturbingly reminiscent of the achy breaky thing – and he continues here with that long tradition he’s had of making his lack of appreciation for the b.s. that often inundates us perfectly clear.

This line, in particular, resonates with my own view that we have to keep moving forward. And that the past is never what sentimental nostalgia leads you to believe it was. You can’t stop progress. You can’t turn the clock back. And if you could go back, you’d likely find that there were many not-so-great things that you’d conveniently forgotten about.

And besides, it’s now an earworm, and the best way to get rid of an earworm is to foist it upon someone else. 🙂



Image borrowed from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/107382772339932046/



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