Life on Mars…

“What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.”  — Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince

Happily tucked away in Los Alamos, New Mexico for the next few days, but it was harder to leave Arizona this year – in spite of the seriously excessive heat  in the valley (110F when we arrived, roughly 108 the rest of the time) – but of course much cooler and cloudier as we departed. And the rain followed us, but, no matter – the forecast is looking up after tonight. And there was a tornado warning near home today, so it’s much better here. But still, it was nice spending time with friends. And, this year, arriving at the hotel kind of felt like coming home. My theory about that part of the country is that there is so much sunshine, the skies are so blue, and everything looks so clean and bright, that a form of reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder strikes – you being to think that all of the excessive heat is not really that bad – that you could actually live there… And then you leave, and arrive somewhere with much more normal temperatures, and a bit more moisture in the air, and… you come back to reality.

Our day today started with a bit of wildlife – spotted a brown bear near a dumpster in downtown Los Alamos this morning (and helpfully told the animal control officer already on the way where we saw him) – almost like home. Except the bear hide better at home, and tend to avoid citified places.

We’re missing Colorado, and family, this trip – scheduling around school left us with too little time for a proper visit – but we hope to fly out for a few days later in the year. Preferably in between summer tourist season, and winter ski season.

Thought I’d share a few Martian landscape photos from our days in Arizona – hoping for better New Mexico photo ops in the days ahead.

Paradise Valley on Monday:


Tempe on Tuesday:

On the way out of Ganado on Thursday:

The featured image was of the flowers on our hotel room’s patio in Scottsdale.


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