“If you can develop this ability to see what you look at, to understand its meaning, to readjust your knowledge to this new information, you can continue to learn and to grow as long as you live and you’ll have a wonderful time doing it.” — Eleanor Roosevelt.

In honor of the 132nd anniversary of the birth of former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of the 32nd President of the Unitted States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, I wanted to share another one of her quotes that resonates was me.

Roosevelt was politically active, a diplomat, writer, speaker, and was not always looked upon kindly during her husband’s tenure because she was frequently outspoken, occasionally even publicly disagreeing with her husband. In looking back at her life, and at the time that she lived it, it’s apparent that she was an awesome woman with a strong sense of right, wrong and social responsibility. Like the distant relative she married, she was born into an influential family – she was the niece of the 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt – and she used that position to remain actively involved in politics and social causes until her death in 1962 at 78.

Image courtesy of brittanica.com