Relaxing weekend?

After a day spent – unintentionally – shopping for the final touches for my daughter’s Halloween costume, we are finally home, finished, and fed (take-out Chinese). Not surprising that baby blue blazers/suit jackets are hard to come by after 1977, but we found a white one – a size too large – and picked up some dye & dyed it in the sink –  it looks like it worked (currently in the dryer). We found a wig – way too much red, but the right style so we fixed the color with a light coating of black spray on hair color. Blue eye shadow – a staple of the 60’s and 70’s and something that I thought was still a part of adolescent make-up rituals was surprisingly hard to find, but found it was. And the net result is that the teenager now has what she needs to be David Bowie from the Life on Mars days. All it took was a relatively small investment in clothes, shoes (red velour short boots) & supplies – the pants and blazer had been mail ordered separately, but the blazer failed to arrive, hence the frantic shopping trip today to no fewer than 3 stores plus a few more in the mall, but the clothes, shoes, and wig were clearance items, and the dye, make-up and hair color were not expensive, so I think it’s a win. And she’s happy, so it’s good. Perhaps I’ll be able to sneak a photo tomorrow when I’m not working…

But Life on Mars, strange though it seems, is not my favorite Davis Bowie song, so instead 1971’s Life on Mars, I leave you with the ‘official’ 1972 video of 1969’s Space Oddity. A much better choice, I think.


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