Unsteady platforms

It’s Sunday. There is a major US election coming up on Tuesday (in case you somehow missed the news). Clearly I would be someone else if I said nothing, but this is a school weekend, a coworker recently passed away & my mind is elsewhere. However, I did realize that I never got back to the question of the party platforms for those that read them, find them influential, and haven’t yet committed to a candidate – or slate of candidates since, wherever in the US you live, you have Congressional Representatives up for election and may well have Senators, too – and that is a pretty big omission on my part. This campaign has been all about the candidates for President and not so much about the issues or about anyone else that is running – and that is truly unfortunate.

So, absent the time to run through the differences in the party platforms, I am providing the links to them so that you can compare and contrast at your leisure (preferably before you cast your vote).

The GOP national platform for 2016 can be found here.

The Democratic Party platform can be found here.

The Libertarian Party doesn’t have a platform per se, but this is their Statement of Principles.

The Green Party’s 2016 platform can be found here.

And I leave you I with the sobering thought from historian Howard Zinn:

“Presidental nominations and elections are more democratic than monarchical rule or the procedures of totalitarian states, but they are far from some reasonable expectation of democracy. The two major parties have a monopoly of presidential power, taking turns in the White House. The candidates of minority parties don’t have a chance. They do not have access to the financial backing of the major parties, and there is not the semblance of equal attention in the mass media; it is only the two major candidates who have free access to prime time on national television.”







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