Finals this weekend – that’s the problem with a weekend program: the compressed time makes it feel like classes are always ending. But, just one more set of two classes after this weekend, so the end is in sight.

But, in the meantime, besides working on my final projects and doing some proofreading for a friend, I’ve been thinking quite a bit (again) about how our own biases work against us when we are trying to understand things, and about our willingness to believe fake news – and disbelieve fact-checkers (& yes, I understand well that the fact-checking organizations have their own biases – but those biases are displayed in what they choose to fact-check, not in the conclusion drawn from the checks – they aren’t wrong, or lying, they just don’t check everything that they potentially should).

And that led me around to this – I’m definitely not the biggest fan of Gary Zukav, but I did find his take on nonsense to be interesting…

“Nonsense is that which does not fit into the prearranged patterns which we have superimposed on reality…Nonsense is nonsense only when we have not yet found that point of view from which it makes sense.”

Something to ponder and we go through the weekend…


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