Hello 2017

Somehow it doesn’t feel all that momentous to me. I’m one of those Scrooge-like sorts that eschews the reflection and resolutions that are supposed to come with the holiday. As I’ve mentioned on previous January 1 posts, I think other days are better suited for personal reflection (and truth be told I’m highly introspective – self-reflection is part of the package). I also think that resolutions are largely a waste of energy and set us up for feeling like failures one month into the year because those resolutions that we set are often unattainable. Our intentions may be good, but goals should be grounded in realism and not in some notion that we can rewire ourselves on a whim. Too often we are looking for changes that are simply too big to be sustainable. That’s why anecdotal studies have shown very high rates of new year resolution failures. Pragmatist that I am, I try to make adjustments when the need arises instead of based on the calendar. I don’t always succeed then either.

Last year I managed to change my WP theme early in the year – that probably won’t happen this year partly because I don’t really have the spare time to experiment with the themes, and partly because I still like the twenty-sixteen theme & don’t see a reason to change (yet). One day I will wake up desperate for a change, but that day is not today. As far as blogging, itself, goes, I’m not planning to change my posting schedule, or eclectic content style, for the near future (but might after I wrap up school in February).

In my real life, I’ve started my year pretty much as I’ve ended 2016 – doing the homework due on January 7 (just 4 weekends left!), purging old stuff from the bedroom after a bit of a hiatus from the one room at a time approach we started last year (that’s a change of sorts), and just generally trying to enjoy the last few days of my time off from work (back on Wednesday). The following quote pretty much sums up my philosophy about the changing of the years.

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.” — Hal Borland

Fittingly enough, the photo was taken at sunset on December 31, 2016 not far from home.


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