Friday again

Well… my final set of finals are this weekend, and I’m working on my monthly #1000Speak compassion post for the linkup on Monday, and I’m just generally disheartened by most of the world’s news, so I’m not going to tax myself by trying to say anything profound.

I did, however, note that on this day in 1801, the US House of Representatives broke an electoral college tie between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr (on the 36th vote), resulting in Jefferson’s election as the 3rd President of the United States. Due to a combination of recent electoral peculiarities, the current popularity of Hamilton – and my daughter’s strange fondness for Burr (courtesy of Hamilton), – that anniversary struck a chord with me. That and, of course, Jefferson is one of my favorite founders…

“Some are whigs, liberals, democrats, call them what you please. Others are tories, serviles, aristocrats, &c. The latter fear the people, and wish to transfer all power to the higher classes of society; the former consider the people as the safest depository of power in the last resort; they cherish them therefore, and wish to leave in them all the powers to the exercise of which they are competent.” — Thomas Jefferson

Have a peaceful weekend.



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