For what it’s worth…

As I was commenting on the EPA website in regard to the rolling back of the regulations that have been protecting our air and water since the Nixon administration, I was reminded of a quote from Theodore Roosevelt about the dangers of allowing corporations to do whatever they want to for the sake of profit. I’ve used it before, and fear that I’ll have to repeat it again as the current administration, and our congress, allows profit to overcome sensibility.

“To permit every lawless capitalist, every law-defying corporation, to take any action, no matter how iniquitous, in the effort to secure an improper profit and to build up privilege, would be ruinous to the Republic and would mark the abandonment of the effort to secure in the industrial world the spirit of democratic fair dealing.”

— Theodore Roosevelt, State of the Union Address, December 8, 1908

Just some food for thought as we wrap up another politically overwhelming week.


Photo of the Rio Grande Gorge, taken July 2015, in northern New Mexico – an area now at risk as the interior department looks to potentially eliminate or reduce the Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument, along with 20+ other National Monuments under the terms of  President Trump’s April 26th Executive Order.


One thought on “For what it’s worth…”

  1. Wise words from a president who cared “for the people”. I am afraid those days are gone. I will leave you with something I wrote back in the seventies.

    By: Patricia Salamone

    Can you hear the rumbling? If you listen close you might. Can you see despair and poverty? It is an awful sight! Can you hear the children crying out in pain? Can you see their faces as they’re calling out in vain?
    Each day you line your pockets. Is that your only goal? Is human life so meaningless you let degradation take its toll? Do you see how …you are destroying the only world which we know? We trusted you to lead us and this is all you have to show?
    You keep your little circle tight, with nothing but the best. Once this world is finished, you’ll go down with all the rest. Promises you made mean nothing anymore. You will say anything you need to get you in the door.
    If you think we’re not aware of what is coming down. If you think this can go on, you really are a clown. Quietly we gather; one by one we come. Silently we move while all of you are having fun.
    We are tired of your grabbing, and never giving back. We are angry you’ve betrayed us. We are about to crack. You have lost sight of what you’re there for; to lead, and not to take. Your Greed has taken flight, your Pride, a big mistake.
    Can you hear the rumbling?  If you listen close you might


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