Well, this necessarily short post is certainly just getting in under the wire. As I’d mentioned on Friday, today we drove approximately 2 hours to see the Moody Blues Days of Future Past 50th anniversary tour in Saratoga Springs. 7 years ago we’d seen the Moody Blues, easily one of my favorites and therefore something our daughters grew up with, with our then 17 year old elder daughter at a venue closer to home. The younger, who was 10 at the time declined. A decsion she came to regret as the possibility of no further tours looked quite feasible. Last year she came with us to see Justin Hayward at a much smaller local venue, and this time around, at 17 herself, she came with us to see Edge, Hayward and Lodge, for what I do suspect really may be their final tour as a group. (But seriously – 50 years since Days of Future Past?). The concert was great – the first set was later works and the second set was Days of Future Past in its entirety. And of course the obligatory encore – Question Ride My Seesaw). Its hard to believe how much time has passed. But the truly important thing was that the 17 year old had a very good time & sang along with every song (of course, so did her mother…)

Here are a few of the pictures that I’d taken (along with the featured image)



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