Tuesday’s Quotes – December 19, 1776 – The American Crisis

“These are the times that try men’s souls; the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value.” — Thomas Paine, 1776

On this day in 1776, Thomas Paine published the first of a series of pamphlets, called “The American Crisis”, in the Pennsylavania Journal. Washington had this first one read to his troops as inspiration – and it appeared to have done it’s job – the troops went on to defeat the Hessians on Christmas Day, and Lord Cornwallis in Princeton eight days later.



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