It seemed like no-brainer – set up and follow a simple weekday schedule. Continue getting up early since daughter still needs to get to school. Head to the fitness center for an hour or so of some sort of fitness. Home to do volunteer work for 2 or 3 hours. Then lunch and the decluttering project of the day. Evenings are for whatever we need to do (occasional food shopping, perhaps), relaxing and blogging.

Ok, so after my first full week at home (never mind the lost 4 days last week), I see some problems:

The first is that not every day is normal. That is not news, but I somehow failed to account for it. We had a great visit this past weekend with my husband’s cousins, but that took this past Monday completely out of contention for the gym or volunteering. A happy problem, I admit, but a problem nonetheless.

The second is that my daughter’s schedule for the rest of the school year involves a ‘late’ day every other day – sending us to the gym later (much later). Appreciate the extra sleep, but can’t actually set a schedule for my volunteering if I want to keep it to the morning hours. And the every other day schedule prevents me from easily saying something practical like ‘mornings on Mondays & Wednesdays and afternoons on Tuesdays & Thursdays’. So, volunteer time needs to shift to afternoons for consistency’s sake, which somehow feels like it will cut into my decluttering time. But all time is an illusion, anyway, so I’m sure it will all be fine.

The other thing I failed to account for is the practical stuff I normally do – like paying bills, running errands, the inevitable stuff my daughter needs done, gathering tax stuff, planning our spring break trip and our trip to DC for this year’s science march. I’m no longer certain how I found time to hold down a job.

The good news is that we did get to the fitness center on the 4 available weekdays both last week and this. But the routine there also needs a bit of refinement. The bad news is that I found very little time at all this week to finish my current volunteer projects, so I guess I know how I’m spending my weekend.

“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.”  Allen Saunders, 1957, John Lennon 1980, and several others in between.

Enjoy whatever your weekend holds.