Sunday, Sunday…

It’s been a good day. Back from vacation, almost caught up with paperwork, not at all surprised to come home to yet another winter storm on the way tonight (I’ve given up on spring this year). Had lunch out & did a bit of shopping with younger daughter (who is now out with friends).  Happy for my elder daughter & her new husband, Shin, that they were able to schedule their official, civil wedding for April 1st as they’d hoped, which will help simplify the process of moving for her new job in yet another Japanese city (her third – job & location – since she moved there after graduation 3 years ago) – the showier ceremonial family wedding will come later. Now I’m taking a break before diving into my Camp NaNo project for this month, contemplating all of the above, and also thinking how fortunate it is that no one in my life is an “April Fools” prankster. There’s enough reality lately that seems like a prank.

And in a somewhat roundabout way, that led me to this reminder from Albert Camus:

“If absolute truth belongs to anyone in this world, it certainly does not belong to the man or party that claims to possess it.”

Hudson Valley Balloon Festival, July 2014.


2 thoughts on “Sunday, Sunday…”

  1. There will definitely be one in Japan & Em will most likely go. We will pay to fly Faith & Shin to the states, but she is starting a new job later this month & will not have any vacation time until later this year, so stateside plans are up in the air at the moment ❤️


  2. Welcome home! And congratulations for your daughters recent wedding. Can’t wait for the showy family one…Stateside?
    Good quote!

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