Journeyed to Washington, DC today to participate in this year’s March for Science tomorrow. Unlike last year, instead of impending rain, it was sunny and very warm when we got here – so no pictures of clouds building behind the Washington Monument at sunset this time. Instead, I took a picture of the Robert A Taft Memorial and Carillon while we were out walking. The site is a memorial to Senator Robert Taft, the son of President William Howard Taft. He served as a US Senator from 1939 until his death in 1953. Interestingly enough, tomorrow is also the 59th anniversary of the memorial’s dedication on April 14, 1959. The inscription above the accompanying statue of Taft reads: This Memorial to Robert A. Taft, presented by the people to the Congress of the United States, stands as a tribute to the honesty, indomitable courage, and high principles of free government symbolized by his life.” Honesty, indomitable courage and high principles – ahh, those were the days.

There is no rain forecast for tomorrow. So tomorrow’s March will be warmer & drier than last year’s. Which may not be such a great thing given the heat and the crowds. And the Cherry Blossom Festival is also tomorrow, so it’s probably safe to assume that the area around the National Mall will be extremely busy (read “crowded”) in the morning. Should be fun, though, and we’re looking forward to being able to walk around in the morning before the March’s activities really get underway.

Whatever your plans are for the weekend – enjoy.