Unsurprisingly, I’ve left this post too late in the day. And have failed to seriously consider a topic to blog about. Although, in reality, there are far too many to choose from. I’m still working on catching up on the things that need to be done before we go away, so sadly, the blog is, as usual, the thing that has to suffer.

And procrastination is certainly the word of the weekend: We are in the midst of a heatwave. As a result, I got very little done yesterday – we went to the movies (Jurassic World – mostly harmless), and later out to dinner with our daughter. In between we had some auto repair issues with our daughter’s car necessitating trips to the car dealer. So actually accomplishing anything was pretty much off the table. Fewer distractions and more focus today, but still not quite where I’d hoped to be. Of course tomorrow is another day, and I’ve recruited said daughter to help with some of the items on my list (one of my (many) flaws is that I let the me that lives in my head determine how much I can get done in a given period of time & she doesn’t have procrastination issues). I’ll almost certainly be caught up before we need to leave on Wednesday, though, so it probably isn’t as bad as it sounds.

And in that vein…

“…my evil genius Procrastination has whispered me to tarry ’til a more convenient season.”  — Mary Todd Lincoln

Photo of the moon, unfiltered, taken with my iPhone, June 29, 2018, after it cleared the treeline.