I’m in the wrong time zone – I’ve realized that many things I have that are automated know perfectly well that I’m three hours behind when I’m supposed to be, and yet they continue on as if I was at home – this includes silly things like my New York Times crossword puzzle app, and a couple of other games, & strangely, WordPress, when scheduling posts. I know this. Happens every year. Yet I always seem to forget about it until something reminds me. No clue what reminded me today, and of course that has no bearing at all on my writing this “unscheduled” regularly scheduled post – it just dawned on me – after a week and a half away – that 7:30pm is 10:30pm for my east coast friends & family, and that’s late for me to be posting. So I should get my act together and write something.

Ah well, no matter, really. We’ve had a nice trip this year, and did some preliminary house hunting, both on our own, and with an agent, to get a feel for the geography, and “active adult” communities,  and common house layouts, and tomorrow we’ll do a bit more with a different agent in a different part of the metro area, and after that we’ll spend a nice evening with friends. We fly home on Monday, so our trip is slowly being wrapped up.

Regardless of what I’m doing (or not doing), there has been, as there always is, many other things happening in the rest of the world. And there is always new information to process, and new things to learn. In that spirit, I leave you with these words from former First Lady, and all around remarkable woman, Eleanor Roosevelt:

“If you can develop this ability to see what you look at, to understand its meaning, to readjust your knowledge to this new information, you can continue to learn and to grow as long as you live and you’ll have a wonderful time doing it.”

Enjoy the weekend!

Photo courtesy of Brittanica.com