As I write this, I’m trying to catch up on some chores – and some work – and some writing – after one of those ‘best laid plans’ kind of weekends. Yesterday, while I was out taking our daughter for some last minute shopping before her vacation, my husband slipped on the stairs and broke his leg. He’s fine, but not comfortable, and will be in the hospital for a couple of days. But from ER to admission yesterday took several hours. And today was the surgery and tomorrow brings physical therapy to get him used to the walker.

We’ve often said, my spouse and I, that we’ve always been lucky – no major disaster, illnesses, tragedies. Nothing that we couldn’t fairly easily bounce back from. In the long run, this is no different. In the short term it delays some what we were trying to accomplish with our current house, and getting it sold. But a delay is all it is. But it also serves as reminder that we are aging. And we don’t fall as well as we once did. Our reflexes aren’t what they once were. We do not bounce back as quickly as we once did. Alas…

The important thing, though, because you never do know what will happen, is to remember to stay in the present. Since life is what is happening now, we need to focus less on what was, or on what will be, and focus more on where were are now. Equally important is the advice below:

“Never get so fascinated by the extraordinary that you forget the ordinary.” –  Magdalen Nabb

Photo courtesy of National Geographic, Photographed by Tom Samuelson.