Well – this has been quite a week. Trying to stay on top of my volunteering while helping my daughter get ready for her move to dormitory living (mainly by buying things, I think), shuttling my husband to physical therapy, dealing with a dead crow, and other assorted things have left me with my mind wandering off in a thousand directions. But tomorrow is early drop-off day – a clever idea that her college is piloting and she signed up for – which means we take all of the things she is moving into her dorm with on day1 & drop them off in he room 1 day early. No unpacking permitted. But a really good idea (at least on paper) since we/she can avoid some of the chaos of move-in day by not having to move in with the masses. We live less than an hour from the school, so for us it’s ideal. It would have been more ideal if my husband didn’t have a broken leg, but his bigger loss is that he won’t be able to attend any of the move-in day festivities on Sunday, and I know that, all joking aside, he would like to be able to be there (me less so – I really hate crowds). He’s coming along for the ride tomorrow when we do the drop & go thing (perhaps), and tonight he’s helping her pack up her clothes (he’s the organized packer in the family – I am definitely not). Since she is so close, and she will be back on Wednesday for a doctor’s appointment, she can leave some things til then.

And then there was the dead crow. He (I’ve assigned it an arbitrary gender – actually I have no clue) was almost certainly a crow (judging by the color, size & tail), and he turned up under my willow, face first on the ground. And unlikely place for a crow, surely. But crows are not small & the state of New York wants to know about wildlife when it turns up dead. So I dutifully called the local department of environmental conservation office (DEC for the uninitiated) to see if they wanted it, or if I could just dispose of it. Apparently DEC does want them this time of year (there’s always a fear of West Nile returning, I guess, or some other bird pandemic). The problem was that the office is 25 miles away & like all government operations, they are understaffed. So, at their request, I dutifully dropped it into a plastic bag & put it in our little cooler with an ice pack. And left it in the garage. Added a new ice pack on top the next morning. And finally handed over the cooler with all contents to the nice kid that came to collect it at about 4pm. She was happy to get the cooler, and trust me, we never would have used it again, so I was happy to give it away – and I was really happy to get rid of the crow since we don’t normally (knowingly) keep dead things lying around. At least we did our civic duty. But I’ll have to replace the cooler before our next road trip.  On a somewhat related note, for reasons unknown to anyone that lives outside of the 5 boroughs of New York City, the county issued a bobcat alert. Bobcats are not new to the area, actually I suspect they are the reason I’ve not seen any feral cats this year, but they really don’t interact with humans. To be honest, a very large one was recorded wandering through someone’s backyard, and so I guess the county thought it was prudent to remind people that we live with predatory wildlife. Or something. Since we have foxes, bears, coyotes, timber rattlers, black widows, and who knows what else, warnings seem superfluous. But, I guess reminders to pay attention – especially to pets – is worthwhile. We all tend to become complacent.

On a brighter note, WordPress, send me the cheery reminder yesterday that my blog was 4 years old! Actually tomorrow is the anniversary of my first post. It wasn’t particularly interesting, or good, but it was there. Not to be too self-congratulatory, but I think it’s impressive that I’ve managed to keep it up for 4 years. And I want to thank those of you that are still reading, and still commenting. In honor of the anniversary, I’m re-sharing this again since it accompanied that first post:


And finally, because I am a glutton for punishment, I’ve also picked this week to re-read Camus’ The Myth of Sisyphus, and well, there’s this thought (apologies to my FB friends who saw this a few days ago):

“The greatest saving one can make in the order of thought is to accept the unintelligibility of the world — and to pay attention to man.”

And on that note… Enjoy the weekend!

View of the Painted Desert from the Sunset Crater – Wupatki loop road, July 9, 2018.