It’s Friday and I have both an ear worm (& ear worms are always for sharing – it’s the only way they leave), and a completely unrelated Martin Heidegger quote in my head. We don’t need to ponder what any of that means. Maybe some great revelation about the inner workings of my mind. But probably nothing.

So to start, I’m sharing this 1951 thought from the always interesting, frequently confusing, Martin Heidegger:

“The most thought-provoking thing in our thought-provoking time is that we are still not thinking.”

At least that quote is pretty straight-forward. And still true 68 years later.

As for the ear worm? Thanks to Alvin Lee, here it is…

“I’d love to change the world
But I don’t know what to do”


Image of the Milky Way Bulge borrowed from