We need to be better than this – attempts this past weekend by allegedly armed Trump supporters to intimidate Biden supporters in Texas, Georgia, New York, and New Jersey. We REALLY need to be better than this. We are all we have. The incident in Texas is actively being investigated by the FBI because it seems possible that there was an effort to push the bus carrying Biden supporters off of a bridge. Resorting to murder to make a point? Seriously, I don’t care who you support in the election – I do care that you are equivocating about these incidents.

This, of course, followed reports that five states were at risk of Election Day violence – ironically not including a couple of those experiencing issues over the weekend. And this was, of course, followed by our president, who stopped pretending to be the president of the entire nation long ago, praising the actions of his purported supporters in Texas, and calling them “patriots”. Umm, no. And no, whataboutism, truly does not apply here. There is nothing on the “left” that comes close to this behavior. If you feel inclined to push that point with me, feel free, but I’m long done attempting to address the logical fallacies in your position.

We have to be better than this. Our country cannot withstand another four years of sustained assault on the rule of law; another four years of grifting – enriching one family at the expense of US taxpayers while claiming to be losing money; four more years of divisiveness from the top down, of mismanagement, of alienation of our allies, and embracing of tyrants. We have to be better – we have to ensure that our elected officials understand that they work FOR us. Congressional leaders, the President and the executive branch agency heads, need constant reminders that they are not our leaders, they are elected to represent us; the average people not only the wealthy donors or corporate interests.

We, in our essence, ARE better than this. No matter who wins when the votes have finally all been counted, we need to push to restore the constitutionally established checks and balances that have virtually disappeared in the past four years. Ultimately it’s on us – we the people – to save ourselves from ourselves. And from those outside who wish to see our 244-year experiment in governance fail.

In the end, no matter who wins, we will need to work together to repair the damage already done, and to prevent a further erosion of our common values. We are better than this, and we have to be in order to survive.

A healthy democracy requires a decent society; it requires that we are honorable, generous, tolerant and respectful.” — Charles W. Pickering


Sunset, June 7, 2019.