My thoughts recently have turned back to the simple need to find a way to keep my balance with the things that I perpetually seem to be juggling (and no, retirement has not been as helpful as I’d hoped). As is true for most of us, there always seems to be too many things taking up our time – and the space in our heads. The pragmatist in me knows, though, that the best way forward is to keep moving. With that in mind, I once again share this, possibly apocryphal, quote of Albert Einstein’s:

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

The origins of this particular quote are a questionable – it allegedly came from a letter he’d written to his son in 1930, and was first quoted in a 2007 biography. He may have written it – it’s in line with other things that he’d said and written. Maybe he didn’t. Perhaps it doesn’t matter if the origins are murky because the quote itself is an apt reminder that we always need to keep moving. Keep changing. Keep growing. When we let anxiety, or a defeat, or a tragedy, stop us and stall us, that’s when we falter and risk falling – as long as we keep pedaling and moving forward, we can stay upright.