“There is no conflict between the ideal of religion and the ideal of science, but science is opposed to theological dogmas because science is founded on fact.” — Nikola Tesla, 1937

July 10 was the 165th anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest minds of the late19th/early-20th century, Nikola Tesla.

There has been, for too long a time, a lack of respect for science in the US, including outright denial of scientific knowledge. Much of it due to clashes with the more fundamentalist or orthodox religious sects, some of it due to the easy proliferation of conspiracy theories, and nearly all of it reinforced by opportunistic politicians, and the talking heads that sustain them. The results of this denial and derision have been thrown into stark relief as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to takes a significant toll on our nation among the vaccination, and fact, resistant. And as we grapple with on-going disinformation threatening our democracy.


Image of Tesla borrowed from The American Association for the Advancement of Science